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09500-00165 INJECTOR ASSY
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21 Feb 2024
0.1102[0.05] pounds
NAttco Diesel Common Rail Fuel Injector 095000-0165 8943928620 8-94392862-0 Compatible with Isuzu
NAttco Resistance: Injectors usually have a resistance, the value of which can be controlled by the ECU to change the way the injector works. || Closed-loop control: The closed-loop control system can adjust the operation of the injector based on sensor feedback to optimize combustion. || Open loop control: Open loop control is a injection system based on a preset mapping that does not take into account actual sensor feedback. || Fuel pressure: The injector requires proper fuel pressure to ensure proper operation. || Voltage requirements: The injector has high voltage requirements and needs a stable power supply.

09 Jan 2024

CN: will be ok
1X Fuel Injector 095000-0165 095000-0166 for Isuzu 6TE1 Engine DENSO
OKwillBE Part Number:095000-0165 || Application: For Isuzu 6TE1 Engine DENSO

10 May 2023
0.0022[0.00] Pounds
CN: 57867Wall
TALBA Common Rail Fuel Injector 894392862-3 095000-0165 095000-0164 095000-0163 Compatible with is-UZU 6HK1 8-94392862-3 8-94392862-4
TALBA ★ Stable performance, help to speed up the reaction time and save gasoline, and high reliability. || ★ After careful testing, there are no manufacturing defects in materials and technology. || ★ Covered with the highest quality materials, it has the best corrosion resistance and service life. || ★ The fuel injector can be started quickly in cold environment, and the old or damaged fuel injector can be replaced directly without modification || ★ Common Rail Fuel Injector 894392862-3 095000-0165 095000-0164 095000-0163 Compatible With IS-UZU 6HK1 8-94392862-3 8-94392862-4

Components :

001 INJECTOR ASSY 09500-00165
001 INJECTOR ASSY 09500-00165

Scheme ###:

000. [01] 09500-00164 INJECTOR ASSY 8-94392862-2
000. [01] 09500-00165 INJECTOR ASSY 8-94392862-3

Include in #3:

09500-00165 as INJECTOR ASSY

Cross reference number

Part num Firm num Firm Name
09500-00165  8-94392862  INJECTOR ASSY

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